The Tie-Down Breakdown: Dez Johnson

by | Apr 10, 2024 | Breakaway Breakdown

Calf pushers are some of the most important yet unrecognized helpers in the sport of rodeo. Desmon “Dez” Johnsonjust might be the most famous calf pusher in the industry, and while he’s a respected household name, there’s a chance spectators have never heard of him.

Johnson was the official calf pusher at the 2022 and 2023 NFBRs at the Southpoint Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he also frequently works Joe Beaver’s junior ropings. The Huntsville, Texas, native has one of the hardest jobs in the sport.

On this episode of The Tie-Down Breakdown, Johnson joins the host of our sister podcast The Breakaway Breakdown, Lilian Kent, for an interview to talk about his background, how he got started pushing calves and his method. While Johnson talks a lot about his technique in terms of the breakaway roping, this is a lessonanyonecan learn from—tie-down ropers themselves, dads or even tie-down roping, breakaway husbands.



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