REVISIT: Grandma’s Apricot Cookies, Driving Friesians and EFWP for May 27, 2024 by WERM Flooring

by | May 27, 2024 | Horses in the Morning

It’s a special Memorial Day revisit episode!

While we’re taking a well-deserved break for the long weekend (and hope you are too!), we’re revisiting a classic episode from November 2022.

In this gem from the archives, you’ll hear:

  • Auditor Erin sharing her Grandma’s delicious Apricot Cookie recipe – perfect for a summer bake!
  • Glenn recounting his carriage ride adventure with Auditor Heather, pulled by a majestic pair of Friesians.
  • Jamie giving us an update on the training horses, along with some relatable “Equestrian First World Problems” we can all chuckle about.

So saddle up, grab a cool drink, and join us for a nostalgic ride through this entertaining episode!

Horses in the Morning Episode 3440- Show Notes & Links:

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