Equine Affaire: Are Horse People Really Stable People? for June 20, 2024 – HORSES IN THE MORNING

by | Jun 20, 2024 | Equine Affaire

Meet two of this fall’s clinicians at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts, Chris Irwin and Solange. Chris Irwin is a Canadian horseman, personal coach, and international best-seller with a fascinating history and a variety of talents. Solange is the mastermind behind the Stable Riding system and she explains how it works to make you a better rider. Solange’s Stable Riding booth won the Best Booth Award in Ohio this spring and she will be in Mass in November. Listen in…

Horses in the Morning Episode 3458 – Show Notes & Links:


08:30 – Solange

31:54 – Chris Irwin

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