Halt & Horses Who Won’t Stand Still, Mary Kitzmiller Horse Training by Equine Balanced Support for June 6, 2024 – HORSES IN THE MORNING

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Mary Kitzmiller

Mary Kitzmiller answers listener questions. How do you deal with a fidgety horse? What do I do about a horse who won’t stand at the mounting block? I feel like I pull on the reins too much when I halt. How do I fix that? What can I do with my horse when it is too hot to ride?

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Time Stamps:

07:07 – Teaching your horse to stop without reins

21:44 – Training a fidgety horse to stand still

35:39 – Teach a horse to stand still after mounting

43:06 – Fun things to do with your horse when it’s too hot to ride

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