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Training Buzz: Susanne von Dietze Unmounted Warm-up

Today’s Training Buzz is with Susanne von Dietze who was born in Germany and currently resides in...

The High Call Mental Game with Matt Sherwood

When you’re at a roping or rodeo, how do you approach the short round? How do you decide your game...

Incorporating Science into a Winning Program

How can technology be used to inform training decisions? What does the future of training jumpers...

Will Coleman

This week’s episode of the Practical Horseman Podcast, sponsored by Spalding Labs, is with Olympic...

#110 2023 IHSA Cacchione Cup – Lizzie Nevis – Boston University

Lizzie is the 2023 Cacchione Cup champion at IHSA Nationals 2023. She is agraduating senior from Boston University studying Human Physiology. She is originally from Seattle, WA. Elizabeth grew up competing primarily in the Equitation but also Junior…

I Stream, You Stream, We All Want The Livestream

Why do people just no-call, no-show in this day and age? I mean, come on. This week, we’re happy...

What We Know About DSLD with Dr. Sabrina Brounts, Sponsored by Equithrive

Dr. Sabrina Brounts talks about DSLD in horses – often characterized by dropped fetlocks. We talk about the limitations of diagnostics, predictability testing, treatment options, and more.    Thank you to our sponsors: Use code HUMBLEHOOF…

179 by BioStar US: Working Equitation, Reading Supplement Labels

We chat with Doreen Atkinson about working equitation, the critter of the show is theblack copper...

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