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This season the AskAnnie Podcast has brought you reviews on some of the top products from the horse industry.

From Farnam horse care products to Weaver’s AirFlex Roper Cinch, and CSI’s saddle pads to Benefab’s therapeutic products, the Equine Network’s Annie Kennedy brings you real-world reviews on horse products you use, or should be using.

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Annie Kennedy

Annie Kennedy of Equine Network, LLC hosts the podcast which explores key trends currently impacting the core categories in the equine product sector: horse health care and the equestrian lifestyle. As a long-time horse owner, Annie understands the importance of frugality and time management when it comes to horses. Horses can be expensive, and the last thing you want to do is purchase something that isn’t right for you or that you know little about. Annie is here to help you with just that and test the products that you’re thinking of purchasing. Have a conversation and discussion with your new favorite barn friend, #AskAnnie. Have products you’d like Annie to review? Email her at [email protected] and your ideas could be featured on a future episode.



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