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The Breakaway Roping Journal and present “The Breakdown,” a weekly podcast featuring breakaway roping and tie-down roping’s top talent, from the professional athletes to the amateurs, to those breeding the top horses in the game. Each episode features an interview with a top athlete or personality in the rodeo industry. We also feature bonus episodes with roping tips from, exclusive event interviews, and more.

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Lillian Kent

Lillian Kent

Growing up in rural West Texas, Lillian Kent brings a performance horse background to the breakaway arena. She’s trained her gelding from a colt into a budding bridle horse, and her passion for the equine industry is rooted in respect for the skill it takes to bring horses to the top level. 
A graduate of Texas A&M University, Lillian was an editor at a Western performance horse magazine before diving into the rodeo industry with the Equine Network in 2022. Now, she primarily mans The Breakaway Roping Journal from all angles and social platforms. 
Taylor Vollin

Taylor Vollin

Hailing from Salinas, California, Taylor Vollin brings a wealth of rodeo knowledge and a deep-rooted passion for the industry. Born in a rodeo family and now engaged to a calf roper, Taylor’s journey from competitor to journalist has given her a unique perspective on calf roping. Taylor joined the Equine Network in early 2023 and predominantly works on the team roping side, manning The Short Score podcast and digital news coverage for The Team Roping Journal. She brings a wealth of experience to The Breakdown, having studied agricultural communications at Mississippi State University and growing up rodeoing in California.

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