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Description: Canada Horse Podcast is brought to you by Informed Equestrian and is created with all equestrians in mind. We strive to enhance the lives of horse owners by facilitating conversations that make people want to talk and leaves our listeners feeling both informed and entertained!

We are spotlighting the Canadian horse industry and diving into all that it has to offer while on a mission to help bridge the knowledge gap for horse owners by offering them a place to go where they are presented with the WHYs behind the decisions we make for our horses, from their tack, to their trainers, to their vet care and everything in between.  Our listeners are encouraged to use the information offered on the Canada Horse Podcast to make informed choices that suit their individual needs. We believe in education over judgement and informed choices over following the crowd.

Published: Twice a Month


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Nikki Porter

Nikki Porter

Nikki Porter is an author, equestrian mindset coach, and podcast host. She teaches equestrians how to grow their mindset to shift them from feeling disconnected, frustrated, and anxious to connected, present, & confident.

Her teaching translates seamlessly into equestrians’ work with their equine partners, allowing them to become the horsewoman or man they long to be while navigating their personal growth journey.

Nikki is an empowerer. She uses her teaching experience from the classroom and the barn to allow her to access her client’s limiting beliefs and guides them to clear up their communication with themselves and others.

Nadine Smith

Nadine Smith

Nadine Smith is likely to be the most enthusiastic, and nerdy horse lover in the room! She has had a lifelong passion for horses, with a strong interest in western performance disciplines, equine behavior and body language.

Along with her husband, Nadine has lived in provinces all across Canada and has worked as a business management consultant for many years. She is detail oriented, asks insightful questions, and digs deep into any topic, problem or product she’s interested in.

In the horse industry, Nadine makes an impact by connecting people with information, knowledge and like minded equestrians through her shared passion and business, “Informed Equestrian” and as co-host of Canada Horse Podcast.