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Dive into the world of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine with Chi University.

The Chi University is the premier facility in the country for teaching veterinarians Eastern medicine.

The episodes will cover Chinese herbs and treatments passed down thousands of years.


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Dr. Allison Marshall

Dr. Allison Marshall

Dr. Allison Marshall graduated from UF Vet School in 1995 and has lived in VA since then. Chi University degrees – Acupuncture 2005, herbal and Food therapy training, Masters degree 2020.  She also received chiropractic/VSMT training from Healing Oasis in Sturdevant, WI in 2005.   Dr. Allison began as an instructor at Chi in 2010.

Dr. Allison has run Full Circle Veterinary Services since 2005.  Her practice is limited to just chiropractic, myofascial release, and TCVM (Chinese medicine).  Her practice in the Richmond, Virginia area is quite busy, and she has a mini-practice 3-4 days per month in Maryland.  Dr. Allison is married and has 3 almost-grown children.