Equestrian Adventuresses

By Krystal Kelly, Ute Tonia & Heather Calvert

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Description:  This is THE horse podcast for women who love travel, adventure and horses. On the show we feature outstanding women and their amazing and inspiring stories:

  • Hear about crazy journeys on horseback in unique destinations.
  • Listen to the stories of powerful women starting their own equine businesses abroad.
  • Learn about the problems they faced and how they solved them.
  • Follow them on their journeys to parts of the world where horse riding still is a very male dominated sport and industry.
  • See how our fellow Adventuresses are changing the mindset and atmosphere in these places.

Published: Weekly


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Krystal Kelly

Krystal Kelly

Equestrian Adventuresses was started by Krystal Kelly, Californian girl determined to see the world from the back of a horse. She is on a quest to visit every country in the world! Her quest has led her to some pretty crazy places, such as Iraq, Yemen, Bhutan, Timor-Leste and more! Her personal journey started back in 2010 when she left the USA for good. She’s worked abroad in over 20+ different countries as a rider, trainer, FEI II Coach, clinician and club manager. She’s started riding clubs around the world and is a best-selling author, and award-winning videographer. She hosts her own Amazon Prime series for Equestrian Adventuresses.

Krystal has a passion for sharing her love of travel and horses with others, which is why she often worked in “male dominated countries” in order to help get more women involved in the sport and to help teach the men to have “softer hands” and “ride like a girl!” She is passionate about women’s empowerment and her goal in life is to see women around the world having the same opportunities with horses as men.

Ute Tonia

Ute Tonia

Ute is a sociologist, an adventuress and a horse-woman. She has traveled to many different countries and lives today with her husband and son in Udaipur/India where they have a horse farm and trail-riding business.

She has been interested in Natural Horsemanship for many years and has studied with different horse trainers to be able to ride and train her horses the natural way.

Her keen interest in journalism has prompted her to take over the Equestrian Adventuresses Podcast and she loves to read and write. She lives on a farm in the countryside together with her family, horses, dogs and other animals.

Heather Calvert

Heather Calvert

Heather was born and raised in Western Canada and has been a cowgirl from an early age. She grew up with horses always being around her.

Her passion for travel began when she was 17 years old when she travel to Japan with the Calgary stampede show riders , the show riders took her all over the world including Western Canada, North western United States, Japan, Europe, Australia and New Zealand where they rode local horses and promoted the western lifestyle and culture of the Calgary stampede.

The travel bug didn’t stop her then as she began a career in the travel industry working as a travel agent and then on to travel host and guide and now it’s very appropriate that she has become an Equestrian Adventuress podcast host. On top of all of that, she is married and has two amazing teenage sons where they reside in Saskatchewan Canada.