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Description: Equestrian Legends is an online radio show (podcast) that celebrates the lives of men and women from different disciplines who have shaped the horse world in their chosen fields and, by popular acclaim, have become a legend in their lifetime.

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Glenn the Geek

Glenn the Geek

Glenn the Geek founded the Horse Radio Network in July 2008. Starting with one show (The Stable Scoop Radio Show) and no listeners, since then the Horse Radio Network has now grown to numerous shows with tens of thousands of listeners from around the world.

Glenn hosts several of the shows on the network including the Stable Scoop Radio Show, HORSES IN THE MORNING and the Driving Radio Show.

Known as America’s Horse Husband, Glenn married into the horse thing about 30 years ago when he met Jennifer, his horse addicted wife. Together they ran a large training, boarding and lesson facility for over 10 years. Glenn learned to drive horses and his passion lies in being in a carriage driving ponies.

In the early married years Glenn and Jennifer owned an improvisational acting company that did over 450 shows in ten years. Glenn is a believer that entertainment comes first, education second and he transfers that belief to the shows he hosts on HRN.

Helena B

Helena B

Helena is a native New Yorker who relocated to New England after college.  A successful career in marketing for the IT industry (yes, she is a geek too) led her to founding Sparkle and Boom, a marketing firm catering to small businesses. Yes, she has a lot of equestrian clients!

Helena lives on a small farm in southern New England with her husband, teenage daughter, two Appaloosa geldings, two cats, and various uninvited, but always welcomed woodland creatures. When not talking about horses, Helena talks about love and adventure. Her other podcast, That Newport Show, is a light and lively look at life, love, and travel in the most romantic city by the sea, Newport, Rhode Island.
Forever a student of all things equine, Helena focuses on learning about all disciplines. While a foxhunter at heart, she rides primarily for pleasure now, which means a well-rounded skill set is important. It also means she gets to try all kinds of riding. Except perhaps, vaulting. She says she’ll leave that to the young and coordinated!

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