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Join our equestrian travel podcast for globe-trotting getaways, inspiring guest chats, and practical riding tips. New destinations, delicious recipes, and even listener Q&A await!

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Published on the 4th Thursday of each month




Your Hosts

Meghan Brady

Meghan Brady

Meghan, the Member Liaison and Founder, is a vital asset to the equestrian travel association. She excels in communicating with members and raising awareness for the industry through engagement with the public, travel agents, and the media. Meghan is also a successful business owner, offering equine bodywork and consulting services. Through her business, she teaches horse and rider biomechanics, conducts evaluations, and organizes fundraising initiatives. Meghan’s dedication, passion, and exceptional skills make her an invaluable asset to the association and the equestrian travel community.

Jennifer Hopton

Jennifer Hopton

Jennifer is an ETA Partner that brings a wealth of experience in finance and the travel and hospitality industries. Her financial acumen and business acuity have allowed her to navigate the equestrian world with precision and strategic thinking. Jennifer is also a devoted equestrian with a deep passion for horses and a particular affinity for dressage. Her commitment to horses drives her to continue to pursue opportunities that allow her to positively contribute to the equine world.