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Description: There’s a whole lot of stuff happening in the horse world and someone’s got to keep you up to date. Welcome to Happy Hour, brought to you by the Heels Down Spark, the only daily equestrian newsletter. Who is winning what? And what weird rules are you probably going to violate at your next horse show? What does your favorite rider really think about white breeches? Grab a drink and listen in. Cheers! 

Published: Once a month


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Justine Griffin

Justine Griffin

Justine Griffin is an award-winning journalist who has written about everything from horses to high-profile CEOs to her ovaries. (She donated her eggs once.) Two things she loves the most? Whippet puppies and cheese. Justine is a lifelong lover of Thoroughbreds and is a native Floridian.

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Ellie Woznica

Ellie Woznica

Ellie Woznica happily lives on a mountain in northern Pennsylvania in her horses’ front yard. She works from home as a graphic designer, manure mucker, and zoo keeper, but only gets paid for one of those gigs. Ellie grew up showing hunter/jumpers (and still does) but in college, she learned to ride western and fell in love with reining and reined cow horse. Outside of horses, Ellie loves to knit, whittle, and write! Her boyfriend says she has too many hobbies.

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Jessica Payne

Jessica Payne

Jessica Payne is an international event rider who is rarely seen without her long-haired chihuahua under her arm. She was born in London, Ontario, but grew up in Franklin, Tenn., and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Animal Science. She’s now a coach, a mom and one-half of Payne Equestrian, a full-service eventing, show jumping and dressage operation based in North Carolina with her Olympian husband, Doug. Jess once lost the tip of her pinky finger clipping her 5* horse, and husband Doug says she can “talk to anyone including a wall….and they will like it!”

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