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Description: A short horse podcast packed with useful tips and information from the top names in the horse world covering all aspects of horsemanship. A different horse tip, a different equine topic, a different equestrian expert almost every day.


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Coach Jenn

Coach Jenn

Coach Jenn is the reason for the Horse Radio Network. If she hadn’t married Glenn and dumped him head first into horse husbandhood, none of this would exist.

Jennifer is a HA graduate Pony Clubber who has been riding horses since she was three years old. With over 45 years experience Jennifer has worked in many facets of the horse world including competing, training, coaching, stable management, retail and now full time producer and host.

She is the producer of HORSES IN THE MORNING and host of Horse Tip Daily, which means she has the tough job. She is responsible for booking the guests, setting the schedule, screening the callers and keeping Jamie and Glenn on track.

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