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By Dr. Tim Worden & Nicole Lakin


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Description:  Join Nicole and Tim as they chat with leading horse people and researchers to explore the fascinating science behind cutting-edge training and management techniques for sport horses.  This entertaining podcast explores recent research on topics relevant to ensuring sport horses achieve their best while staying healthy. And it asks questions about how the world’s best athletes are able to achieve such impressive feats and how horsemanship can be combined with science to improve results. This podcast is presented by the Equine High Performance Sports Group.

Podcast Website:  Sport Horse Podcast

Presenting Sponsor: Equine High Performance Sports Group

Published: Published the 10th and 25th


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Dr. Tim Worden

Dr. Tim Worden

Dr. Tim Worden has always been fascinated by equestrian sports. He has devoted his life to better understanding HOW horses and riders are able to achieve the impressive athletic feats demonstrated in competition.

Tim is a Member of the Equine High-Performance Sports Group, a sports performance consultant, and Member of the Sport Horse Research Foundation. He specializes in the translation of human high-performance training concepts to equestrian athletes, with a special interest in the jumping discipline. Tim has consulted for national federations and has been hired by a number of FEI riders to provide detailed performance analytics. He has presented his work internationally and is a frequent writer for online equestrian publications.

Tim completed his MSc (Biomechanics and Neuroscience) and PhD (Biomechanics) at the University of Guelph (Canada). In addition to his work in the equestrian community, Tim is Business Operations Manager at Inteligex Inc, a biotechnology company developing new therapies to target spinal cord injury, and is a member of the Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Research Unit at Toronto Western Hospital.

Nicole Lakin

Nicole Lakin

Nicole Lakin grew up riding and competing in the hunters and jumpers and discovered her passion for the care and management of sport horses at a young age.

Nicole is an entrepreneur, technology consultant, and lifelong equestrian. Nicole earned her MBA from Babson College in 2019 and uses her experience in business and software development to operate her own company, BarnManager, a cloud-based platform for barn managers and owners to manage their horses, employees, clients, and businesses.

Nicole is also a Member of the Equine High-Performance Group, Director of Development for the Sport Horse Research Foundation, and has worked with several equine industry professionals and businesses to identify their challenges and find the best technology solutions to solve them.


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