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By Helena

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Description:  Keeping our horses happy and healthy is paramount to every horse owner and rider. Since our horses are often a reflection of the environment we create, this podcast will share ideas and strategies for creating the best home we can for them. From backyard barn building, to managing large-scale professional stables, Stall and Stable will cover it.

Published: Every two weeks on Wednesday afternoons.


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Helena has been riding and working in the horse world for over 25 years. She is a native New Yorker who relocated to New England after college with hopes of saving the world as an Environmental Public Policy Advocate. She quickly learned, however, that changing the world first requires getting people to listen. It wasn’t long before a career in marketing & communications began; first in technology, then in the equestrian industry.

For nine years, Helena hosted the Stable Scoop Radio Show with Glenn the Geek. Today, she’s spun off a horse topic that is near and dear to her heart: horsekeeping. Her experience working in barns — from mucking stalls to business management, offers listeners a unique perspective that combines a deep understanding of equine care with her expansive knowledge of business and systems.

While a foxhunter at heart, Helena rides primarily for pleasure now, although, a little competition is not out of the question. A small farm on the southern New England coast is where your she calls home. There she lives with her husband, teenage daughter, and a couple of punk cats. She has a 20-year-old Appaloosa gelding and a young OTTB mare who is showing her the real meaning of horsemanship through humility.

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