Take the Reins

By Nikki Porter

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Take the Reins is a personal growth podcast for horse owners who are invested in strengthening their connection with their self, their equine partners and everyone else they communicate with. Our listeners are looking to be the best version of themselves both in and out of the arena.

Published: Twice a Month


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Nikki Porter

Nikki Porter

Nikki Porter is an author, equestrian mindset coach, and podcast host. She teaches equestrians how to grow their mindset to shift them from feeling disconnected, frustrated, and anxious to connected, present, & confident.

Her teaching translates seamlessly into equestrians’ work with their equine partners, allowing them to become the horsewoman or man they long to be while navigating their personal growth journey.

Nikki is an empowerer. She uses her teaching experience from the classroom and the barn to allow her to access her client’s limiting beliefs and guides them to clear up their communication with themselves and others.