Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Start an Equestrian Podcast with Glenn Hebert

by | Feb 22, 2022 | The Leadline

#27 – Everybody and their brother started a podcast during the big stay-at-home boom we all know as 2020. With the podcasting space becoming so saturated, is there still room for aspiring equestrian hosts? Glenn Hebert of Horse Radio Network says there is, but it's more work than you might think.

Before you sit down behind the mic, tune in to hear Glenn share: 

  • How to know if podcasting is right for you
  • The best online resources for newbie podcasters
  • Tips to avoid the inevitable “pod fade” 
  • The ONE big rule Glenn shares with every host

And a bonus tip for all of our listeners who've been asking:

  • How to pitch your equestrian show to Horse Radio Network

Connect with Glenn at the links below:

Website: horseradionetwork.com
Patreon: /horseradionetwork
Email: glenn[at]horseradionetwork.com


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