Riding Gobi, Completing TB Makeover and Realli BAd Adz for October 20, 2023 by Kentucky Performance Products

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Horses in the Morning

Charlotte Moore from Northern Ireland rode the Gobi Challenge in 2023 and stops by to tell us all about it. Justine Brook (host of Heels Down Happy Hour) gives us the scoop on her and Wyat /War Feather’s experience at the Retired Racehorse Makeover! Plus, some Realli bAd Adz….

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 3289 – Show Notes and Links:

Time Stamps

05:20 – Daily Whinneys

19:06 – Charlotte Moore

31:00 – Justine Brooke

44:25 – Realli bAd Adz

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