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Heels Down Happy Hour #6 – Salty Neighbor

The responses to Katie Prudent’s interview about the current state of show jumping keep rolling in. We discuss. Also, you could live next to a hot pirate, how to keep your feet from becoming cold little raisins in the wet and cooler weather, an update on a possible ulcer cure, and more.  Listen in…

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Heels Down Happy Hour #5 – Stay Classical

Have you ever wanted to tell someone how much you didn’t like them? One man on the internet is making it possible to show it rather than say it, and horses are involved. This week on Heels Down Happy Hour, hosts Justine Griffin and Caroline Culbertson welcome special (and awesome) guest Eiren Crawford to the show, and we break down what ‘Classical Dressage’ really means and why it’s controversial. We also talk about which bits we love, bring you an irresistible cocktail recipe, and chat about how to stay fit out of the saddle. Download now!

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Heels Down Happy Hour #4 – Horses of Walmart

Some people pray for rain, other people pray for sweat. Hosts Caroline Culbertson, Justine Griffin and Jessica Payne talk about their favorite (and embarrassing) Walmart finds and why a simple mistake at the drugstore can turn into a major ordeal. Also, an Irish rider is crowd funding to keep his horse and have you seen Soledad O’Brien’s Twitter lately? Listen in…

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Heels Down Happy Hour #3 – Three Blondes in a Bar

Another week, another controversy. Is patting your horse during competition grounds for elimination? Also – good news for grays, how to improve your eye for a distance with a tree branch, and the stresses of moving with four-legged children.  Listen in…

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Heels Down Happy Hour #2 – Moscow Mules and Michael Jung

Hosts Caroline Culbertson, Justine Griffin and Jessica Payne talk about the upcoming showdown between Isabell Werth and Laura Graves in Aachen, identifying what coaching style you have and need (BFF or dictator?), the Rolls Royce of grooming tools, and how the USA laid a smack-down performance in the only eventing FEI Nations’ Cup in America.   Listen in…

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